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Just testing this out.  Not gonna be posting much (if at all) on my own journal. I am mainly a lurker who joined because I realized I was missing out on a lot of fantastic fic since most of it is friends-locked. I am trying to leave more feedback when I can since there is so much fic on here that is amazing and deserves feedback! I do not leave the best feedback (mostly generic stuff) but still feel that authors deserve comments for when they share their writing! As you can probably tell from journal and memories, I am mainly here to read fabulous fic and to watch various communities of my many fandoms. If I added you as a friend, it is probably because I want to be kept updated with your fic! SO, feel free to add me back if you want (or not) or send me a message if you want to know more or talk about any of my fandoms. I love squeeing with other fans! :)

Total fangirl for MANY fandoms :)
and complete mark for all things HBK! (The.ShowStopper.The.Icon.The.Main.Event. - Best ever!)

~OTP: Brian/Justin (QAF) ~
~Soap OTP: Greenleo (AMC)/LuRe (ATWT)~
~Movie OTP: Jaime/Landon (AWTR)~
~Book OTP: Mac/Jericho (Fever) ~

Top Current Fandoms:
1. X-Men Movieverse ( The new movie totally renewed my love. X1, and X2 are amazing movies. After watching First Class, I LOVED it. Charles/Erik and Wolverine/Rogue are my OTPs of the movies.)
2. Magnus/Alec (TMI - These two are beyond adorable.)
3. Greenleo (AMC - My Fav soap couple ever! With the news of cancellation and the (cameo) return of JD, I am so looking forward to seeing their scenes again).
4. Glee (Finn/Rachel, Mike/Tina, Brittany/Santana - I have not been a big fan of the writing for this season or for Finchel this season but they were adorable in the finale. And Mike/Tina have been adorable all season and Brittana just snuck up on me and now am a big fan).

Top Wrestlers (Of All Time):
1. HBK
2. Sting
3. Stone Cold Steve Austin
4. Chris Jericho
5. Alex Shelley (and MCMG)

Other Fave Couples:
Greenlee/Leo (AMC)
Kyle/Oliver (OLTL)
Fer/David (FOQ)
Colleen (AL)/Adrian (YR)
Jack/Jennifer (DOOL)
Philip/Chloe, Philip/Steph, Philip/Belle (DOOL)
Lucas/Sami (DOOL)
John-Paul/Craig (Hollyoaks)
Ric/Alexis (GH)
Robin/Patrick, Robin/Stone (GH)
Lucky(JJ)/Liz (GH)
Zander/Emily (GH)
Dinah/Mallet (GL)
Dusty/Jennifer (ATWT)
JT/Colleen (LF) (YR)
Billy/Mac (YR)
Danny/Michelle(Stenz) GL
David/Dorian (OLTL)
Simon/Katie (ATWT)
Christian/Olli (VL)
Johnny/Lulu, Johnny/Olivia, Johnny/Maxie(GH)
Maxie/Coop (GH)
Luke/Reid (ATWT)
Deniz/Roman (AWZ)

Brian/Justin (QAF)
John/Aeryn (Farscape)
Cam/Sam, Cam/Vala (SG-1)
Chris/Lorelai (GG)
Declan/Holly J (DTNG)
Jay/Manny (DTNG)
Jimmy/Ashley (DTNG)
Peter/Darcy (DTNG)
KC/Clare (DTNG)
Joey/Caitlin (Degrassi)
Rachel/Chanlder, Chandler/Monica (FRIENDS)
Nate/Vanessa (GG)
Kat/Patrick (10TIHAY)
Justin/Rebecca (BnS)
Kevin/Scotty (BnS)
Nate/Serena (GG)
Carter/Serena (GG)
Nate/Blair (GG)
Jake/Peyton (OTH)
George/Izzie (GA)
Will/Emma (GLEE)
Finn/Rachel (GLEE)
Finn/Quinn (GLEE)
Ally/Larry (AM)
Pacey/Joey (DC)
Pacey/Andie (DC)
Max/Liz (Roswell)
Mulder/Scully (XF)
Lassiter/Juliet (Psych)
Spike/Buffy (BTVS)
Felicity/Noel (FELICITY)
Paris/Torres (ST:VOY)
Seth/Summer (THE OC)
Jackie/Hyde (T7S)
Willow/Oz (BTVS)
Beecher/Keller (Oz)
Rory/Dean, Rory/Logan (GG)
Ned/Chuck (PD)
Jeff/Annie (Community)
Damon/Elena, Damon/Bonnie (VD)
Richard/Kahlan (LOTS)

Charles/Erik (Xmen)
Wolverine/Rogue (Xmen)
Landon/Jaime (AWTR)
Edward/Bella (TWILIGHT)
Mac/Jericho (Fever)
Magnus/Alec (MI)
Jace/Clary (MI)
Jack/Rose (Titanic)

TV Shows: #1 of all time - Farscape and Everwood

Also Feel Free to visit me on my youtube as well and check my playlists for my vid recs :)
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